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Equipment Rules & Rental Guidelines

 To ensure the longevity of our services, we trust that all clients will adhere to the below rules & recommendations for the duration of their rental time. 

Please read through the equipment rules below for your rental prior to your event date.

Ball Pits & Fun Castles

  • All children must be supervised by an adult/parent/guardian while in play area at all times

  • NO Shoes are allowed (Socks must be worn)

  • NO Food, Drink, Sweets or Treats

  • NO Cake ( we know its a cute photo opp, but please NO, the icing stains our equipment!)

  • NO paint / mess-prone (i.e. glitter, slime, art supplies, tattoos or face paint)

  • NO Face Paint (It also stains our equipment. If you do wish to have face paint, have them come as a finale for your event)

  • NO sharp objects near the play area (including pens, pencils etc.)


  • All Fun Castles use electricity to operate. Please ensure the outlets are in working order prior to our arrival

  • If your event will be taking place in a public park or area that is not near a power source you will be required to supply your own generator to operate the fun castle. You may borrow from a friend or family member or one can be rented from places such as Bermuda Rentals. 


  • ​Vinyl Decals are a fun way to add style to our ball pits & castles

  • Please note: The only approved material for the exterior of the ball pit is a temporary (removeable) vinyl decal.   Interactive Entertainment will be responsible for the placement of the vinyl on the ball pit and the removal of the vinyl when the event is over. 

  • Clients must not use their own stickers, paper, decorations, tape or other adhesive materials on the ball pit without our permission.

  • A minimum of 3 days notice is required for this service (*additional charges apply)

Water Slides

  • Adult supervision is required at all times

  • Please ensure you have located your water hose is in working order and will reach the location you have chosen to set up the castle prior to our arrival

  • Check the grounds for rocks, and sharp objects 

  • No Shoes to be worn

  • No Animals or Pets Allowed

  • No Food or Drink 

Mini Golf

  • The Mini Golf is arranged so that guests can easily walk around the course. 

  • Please do not walk on top of the equipment

  • Golf Clubs and Golf Balls must only be used as intended and not on any other surface

  • Interactive Entertainment will provide long extensions chords.

  • A generator may be required for set ups at public parks or locations far from a power source. 

(available to rent from Bermuda Rentals)

Bumper Cars

  • Only suitable for ages 1-5 

  • Surface must be approved by Interactive Entertainment

Laser Tag

  • No Food or Drink inside the Laser Tag Arena

  • Please be vigilant and watch the people around you as you navigate through the laser tag maze

Rain Policy

  • We never like to cancel an event but we must take precautions to protect our equipment and your guests.

  • Interactive Entertainment will check the weather the night before and morning of your event.

  • If the forecast predicts bad/ extreme weather, including rain, lightning and windy conditions we cannot  set up our equipment outdoors. 

  • In the event of bad weather we ask that you try tour best to have a back-up plan.

  • Clients may also choose an alternative date to have their event. (*Subject to next available date)

Play Packages

  • Play Packages can be set up indoors or outdoors 

  • A site visit may be required to ensure the space is suitable 

  • Please note: We do will not set up on near muddy, sandy, or near wet play areas (including beaches) 


  • We understand that things happen and may change. In the event that you need to cancel your booking please be sure to notify us as soon as possible.

  • Cancellations made 3 days or more prior to the event date will receive a full refund of deposit or any funds paid to us.

  • Cancellations less than 3 days prior to your event date will result in the loss of your deposit. 

  • For all cancellations please call us at: 441 703 9574 or 441 703 1187

Damage Fees

  • An immediate fee of $50 or more will be applied to my bill if the equipment has been soiled, extremely dirty or tainted during my booking time.

  • If there is any damaged or missing equipment I will be charged at an appropriate amount, i.e. cost of repair or replacement. 

  • All Fees must be paid within 5 days of the event

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