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Mini Golf

Play-A-Round Golf takes Mini Golf to the next level!

This fully inflated unit is great for kids, teenagers and adults.


It features 9 holes of varying designs and levels of difficulty.

Can be rented as 3 Holes | 6 Holes | 9 Holes depending on what space you have.

What is included: 12 Golf Clubs & 12 Golf Balls (Glow in the Dark Balls available!)


Rental Time: Up to 6 hours 

$150 for each additional hour 


Requirements: Our Mini Golf requires a relatively flat surface and an electrical outlet. We prefer to set the inflatables up on grass, but concrete or asphalt are acceptable as well.

Our Inflatable Golf Course can be setup indoors if you have an auditorium or gymnasium available at a nearby church or school.


*A generator will be required for some locations that do not have acess to power. 

Mini Golf

PriceFrom BD$200.00
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